Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Worship: All you works of the Lord....

...praise the Lord! So says one of the Morning Prayer canticles, the Song of Creation. O heavens and all waters above the heavens, sun and moon and stars of the sky, every shower of rain and fall of dew, all winds and fire and heat, Winter and Summer...praise the Lord.

Birds and dogs and cats, with the trees and newly sprung flowers...praise the Lord.

Dawn and dusk, with brightly shining noon and deeply silent midnight...praise the Lord.

Let the people of God...praise the Lord.

And let me, too, in my creatureliness, praise the Lord.

You can find a lovely way to praise the Lord by watching EagleCam--a pair of eagles, raising their eaglets, in view of the camera.

1 comment:

  1. We are loving the EagleCam at our house. In fact, after five minutes of watching mama eagle feed the babies fish, she begged for a piece of paper an drew her first ever eagle!