Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prayer: Visio Divina

A good priest friend of mine, Maria, has created a truly impressive Lenten Meditation booklet for her congregation. Among the several different types of reflections she has suggested are the different galleries online at the Episcopal Church Visual Art website found here. There are many different collections of art work dealing with topics of spirituality all of which encourage the viewer to engage the practice of visio divina. According to their website:

Refining Fire by Don Forsythe
The practice of visio divina shares its origins with the long-practiced form of scripture reading known as lectio divina. As with lectio divina, visio divina nurtures the spiritual life through an intentional practice of reflection on scripture. With visio divina, visual art and scripture are considered together, supporting the practictioner through the reading of the Word, seeing with the eyes, listening with the heart, and responding in prayer. Contemporary artists address many themes in their work, and often focus on compelling issues that face society today. This is true whether the artist's concerns are hidden or visible in their work. Themes emerging include some we might expect, such as beauty, light, and nature. There are also other themes that might tip us out of familiar ways of seeing our own lives, themes like emergence, suffering, and peace. 

For today's meditation, I decided to try the "Spirit's Fire" gallery and was impressed by the different types of visual arts which were represented. The collection included glass work, paintings, sculpture, textiles and more to capture the very essence of the Holy Spirit's work in our life. I encourage you to go online and pick the gallery which calls to you. Then just let your eyes soak up the Spirit.

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