Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prayer: Vow of Silence

Thanks to an overnight case of galloping laryngitis (on the eve of Palm Sunday!), I have taken a Vow of Silence for today, in hopes of restoring my voice for Holy Week. When I need to pause and reflect on each thing that pops into my mind to say, it is amazing to discover how much of it is silly, extraneous, useless. Surrounded by a need for this kind of conscious silence, I am discovering also that I want more external silence. No TV or even music. Just the music of the birds chirping a rain song outside the window and the rush of the wind in the trees. Even the clack of my keyboard seems extraordinarily loud.

There are lots of versions of this quote floating around, but I am impressed with its reality: "God's first language is silence--everything else is a poor translation." I didn't expect to choose silence today, but perhaps it is a gift from the Creator. Perhaps I will hear better today.

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