Friday, April 1, 2011

Prayer and Service: Be a fool!

The Apostle Paul liked to call himself a Fool for Christ.  And reflected that following Christ seemed like foolishness in the world's context.  What could be more foolish than people  knowing their actions would lead to a terrible death, carrying on for the sake of faith, and for obedience to God?  St. Thomas Becket comes to mind.  And the Blessed Oscar Romero.  And hundreds and thousands of martyrs and Confessors.  All of them following faithfully in the footsteps of our model, the ultimate Holy Fool, Jesus.

Today, pray that we will have the courage to hear the call to faithfulness, even if in some people's eyes it makes us a "fool".  Do at least one foolish thing to help someone in the name of Christ: pronounce God's blessing on a stranger; hand a ticket taker in a toll booth a piece of candy and wish them a blessed day; carry groceries for someone; make a random "April Fool's Day" call to a member of your parish.  If even giving a glass of water in Christ's name is a blessing, surely a small act of service in honor of Christ God's Fool will be, too.

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