Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prayer: Love Stronger than Death

As we approach the Triduum, many of us are thinking about Jesus' passion and death. The Blessed Julian of Norwich has an interesting, and even revolutionary, take on that. In Chapter 22 of her Showings, or Revelations of Divine Love, she has a conversation with Our Good Lord Christ, in which she understands that Christ's love for us was so great, that he would have died over and over for us if that had been required. His suffering and death took place once in a specific time and place, but the love that prompted the saving Act is eternal. She writes: "I saw that the love which made him suffer is as much greater than his pain, as heaven is greater than earth."

As we contemplate the painful events of the rest of this week, let us also contemplate the immense and everlasting love that contains them.

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