Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worship: Walking around in Circles

Being in the pew is a wonderful way to worship--time to sing, pray, read, hear a reflection on the Scripture or topic of the day.  But it's not the only way.  Take, for example, the Labyrinth, an ancient form of walking around in circles.  There is no one right way to walk the Labyrinth.  Some people walk in solemn silence; some dance joyfully.  Kids especially "get" the Labyrinth.  We see them dashing in, only to slow as they near the center, and often pause for a moment of rest, before returning to the beginning.  While each of us walks the Labyrinth on our own, we also journey together with others who are walking.  Sometimes people pass us, sometimes we slow down to a crawl behind a walker moving more slowly than we do.  Just like life.  We walk prayerfully, worshipfully together in God's presence, traveling toward the Holy.

More information about the Labyrinth can be found at Grace Cathedral's Grace Cathedral's Labyrinth site.

There will be a Labyrinth walk at Trinity, today  (March 20) at 5:00.

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