Friday, March 18, 2011

Service: Bring the world in

This evening, we will host a local music club's annual membership concert.  They need three times the space they have in their small venue, and we need to bring the world within the church walls, rather than keep it outside.  Filling our building to capacity with people who are not familiar with us is no joke, and will require many volunteer hours, demand extra of the staff, and patience from everyone--concert-goers and volunteers alike.  Consider how you can volunteer to help your faith community bring the world inside.

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  1. Consider checking your local newspaper. They often have columns citing organizations which need volunteers. If you can't find it, call them anyway. They may have discontinued it for lack of funding, but they may still have their finger on events which need people. And even if you are not a member of the various service clubs. Call them. But not before calling your own church!
    Bruce W. Marold