Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prayer: Remembering Our Saints

This morning the Anglican Communion News Service published this little blip:

Today in History: On July 7, 1220, Thomas Becket's shrine was dedicated in Canterbury and became a popular pilgrim attraction.

Now Thomas Becket is my patron saint and this is A Very Important Date. Without it and the attendant popularity of his cult for pilgrims all over the then known world, some of what we know about his story might have been lost.

We sometimes remember the saints who have had an important influence on our spiritual lives only on the Feast of All Saints. Or on their official feast days. But if we look at their histories, we might find many days when it would be appropriate to commemorate them. The saints are living, vital threads in the wonder-ful and sacred Christian tradition. We do well to remember them not only as historical figures but as faithful models who accompany and help us on our journey to God.

And, yes, I'll be singing some of the medieval chants from the Office for St. Thomas on July 7.

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