Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayer, Service: Sometimes all you can do...

I confess. I really do try to be the kind of person who waits faithfully and patiently on the Holy One. Really, I DO try (smiling at the incredulous noises from those who know me). But sometimes all I want to do is get in and fix a problem. Despite my grandmother's wisdom, patience is not one of my virtues.

When I hear about the child brides in Asia, I want to fly over and rescue them. I want to start a campaign to share our food with the starving in Africa--and, incidentally, get a plane to take it over. I want to wander the streets at night and take some hot soup to our homeless friends. I want a magic wand to cure cancer and poverty and abuse. I want all those good people who are trying to help each other not to have their hearts broken or their spirits broken, either.

But I can't. I can do little things that will help a little. And support those who are doing the big things.

Before, during and after the doing, sometimes all I can do is pray. Sometimes that's all anyone can do.

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