Friday, May 27, 2011

Prayer- Try Mini-Home Retreat

While the weather is nice, why not try a mini-home retreat outside? Schedule two hours in your day to spend in a mini-retreat. Follow this schedule to put you in a retreat frame of mind:
  •  First 30 minuets Engage in some kind of centering prayer. This could be yoga, the Daily Office, listening to music, journaling, or simply sitting and drinking in the moment.
  • In the next hour, spend some time practicing Lectio Divina.
    • Choose a piece of Scripture for today’s sacred reading—perhaps from Morning Prayer or from a devotional.
    • Ask God to bless your time.
    • Read the Scripture slowly and attentively several times.  It is recommended that you read it aloud at least once
    • Ask God what God would like to say to you today?  It may be a verse, a word, or an idea.
    • What would you like to say to God in response?

  • When you have completed this, spend the next 30 on a nature walk mediating on the way God might be calling you during this time. 
  • After resting a few moments with the Divine Presence, give thanks and go on your way, carrying with you throughout the day the words you have shared.

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